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Columbia MO Roof Cleaning

Call Pyramid today at (573) 418-0756 for professional roof cleaning services in Columbia, MO and the surrounding areas of mid-Missouri.  You can restore the clean, like new look of your roof and ensure its longevity by getting your roof cleaned of the debris, moss, mold, algae and organic stains that are ruining the look and health of your roofing materials.

Washing roofs is part of a program of roof maintenance that will help your roof last its longest.  In fact, there are six very good reasons why you should have your roof professionally cleaned, whether residential or commercial.

  1. A clean roof will facilitate proper water drainage.  When debris is allowed to accumulate on a roof, water flow can become blocked which can lead to leaks.
  2. To algae, moss and lichens, a roof is a source of nourishment.  They feed off the materials in your shingles and grow and spread over your roof, eating as they grow.  Shingles can become easily compromised and can allow water penetration to the underlayment.
  3. Roof leaks are the primary result of not maintaining a clean roof.  When you consider the cost of roof repairs and roof replacement, having a professional roof cleaning service is a small price to pay.
  4. Wood rot comes about because of compromised roof shingles.  When water gets under shingles, it rots the wood sheathing.  Not only does sheathing need to be replaced as well as shingles, but mold can easily start to form.  When this happens, mold spores can affect indoor air quality and the health of the home’s occupants.
  5. Roofs should last 20-30 years.  They are an expensive investment.  Roof repairs are also not inexpensive.  Why risk these expensive services when a roof cleaning is all your roof might need to help it last as long as it should?
  6. To protect your roof investment, and preserve its warranty, a roof cleaning might be in order.  Many roofing companies require regular cleaning to keep a roof warranty in force.  When algae, in particular gloeocapsa magma, forms on a roof producing black streaks, this will void some manufacturer’s warranties.

Get Professional Results and Peace of Mind

A professional roof cleaning service, such as Pyramid Roof, will clean and preserve your roof so that it lasts as long as it should.  We never use hot water pressure washing or power washing. Wash authorities, such as roof shingle manufacturers, recommend soft washing for asphalt shingle, tile and cedar shake roofs.

If you are looking for the best in roof washing services, look no further than Pyramid Roof anywhere in the Lake Ozarks and Jefferson City areas.  We’re just a phone call away and will will be glad to come out and give you a free inspection of your roof and recommend the safest, most effective roof cleaning process for your roof. Columbia MO Roof Cleaning