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Throughout the Mid-Missouri area, call Pyramid Roof at (573) 418-0756 for professional roof washing. Restore your curb appeal and property value quickly in just a day.

We are roof cleaning experts and treat your property with care as if it were our own. Our years of experience lets us know the exact cleansers and procedures to get your commercial and residential roof its cleanest. We clean asphalt shingle, clay tile, composite tile, flat, EPDM, cedar and metal roofs to look like their original condition once again.

When your roof gets contaminated with mold, algae, organic stains or animal debris, it not only ruins the appearance of your property, but these contaminates can start to deteriorate your roof.

Your roof can be damaged due to to neglecting these intruders especially from gloeocapsa magma, a certain specie of algae that feasts on shingle roofs. Our washing services will safely lift and remove contaminates without harm to your roof or your property using soft wash methods.


What is Soft Washing?

Soft washing is the recommended method of roof cleaning by the American Roofing Manufacturer’s Association. It uses low water pressure and high volumes of water along with specially formulated commercial grade detergents. The applied detergents soak into the contaminants and gently lift them from the roofing surface.

Clean water is then used in abundance to safely clean the residue from the roof. This method is safe because it won’t harm shingles or tile or spray away roof shingle granules that protect the roof. This is one reason why pressure washing is never recommended for cleaning roofs.

Roofing manufacturers discourage using high pressure and power washing techniques on most roofs. The force of the water spray can break shingles or curl asphalt shingles allowing moisture to get under the roof covering. This can lead to mold buildup inside the building envelope.

Columbia Mo Roof Cleaning Tips

When you drive down the street, a home or business owners with a new roof are easy to spot. Their roof stands out from all the rest of the properties in the area. When you clean your roof, you get the same visual result for a fraction of the cost of a roof replacement.

A dirty roof can also end up costing you more in utility bills. Caked on grime and mold on a roof absorb heat instead of reflecting it as the roof was engineered to do. More heat inside the attic means your air conditioning system will have to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. That means higher energy use and higher electric bills.

A clean roof will also keep debris from damaging the roof covering and roof sheathing which can lead to leaks rather quickly.

If you need roof cleaning services anywhere in the greater Mid-Mo area including Lake Ozarks and Jefferson City, we hope you will call us for free estimate . We want to take care of your roof so it lasts 20 years or more just as you intended it to!