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Call Pyramid Roof at (573) 418-0756 for expert roof cleaning services in the Mid-Missouri region.  Our cleaning services will ensure that your roof looks great and enhances your curb appeal.

If your roof is infested with dirt, pine needles, branches and leaves, you have a potential problem on your hands.  This debris can trap moisture which will keep your roof moist.  A damp roof is a haven for moss to grow and damp moss can promote mold and bacteria growth on your roof.  This will ultimately lead to holes in your roof and leaks into your house.

There is also the risk of shingles lifting up because of the root structures of moss and lichen.  When this happens, you are putting your homeowner’s insurance policy at risk and any roof warranties you may have.  A dirty roof needs to be addressed right away so it doesn’t cost you the loss of coverage or a roof replacement.

Other roof contaminants such as the gloeocapsa magma variety of algae can also cause a lot of damage to roof shingles.  If you have noticed black streaks on your roofs or the roofs of your neighbors, those streaks are really algae growth.  This particular type of algae is actually eating the asphalt shingle limestone and can ruin a roof if left to overspread it.

One thing to be careful of is pressure washing a roof.  A roof is designed to shed water, not withstand high water pressure.  A roof that has been power washed is also at risk of losing insurance and warranty coverage.  Each type of roofing material has a recommended cleaning method.  There are very few roofing materials (metal and slate are exceptions) that can withstand any kind of high water pressure when washing roof.

What is Soft Washing?

For most Jefferson City Roof Cleaning projects we do, soft washing is the method we use.  It is recommended by the American Roofing Manufacturers Association and roof shingle producers.

Soft washing involves using low water pressure, high volumes of water and specialized commercial detergents.  The detergents are used instead of water pressure to soften and lift the stains and debris from the roof surface.  After a period of time, a low water pressure clean rinse streams away the residue.

This is the safest method of cleaning roof shingles, tiles and shakes.

Throughout the mid-Missouri area including Lake Ozark and all of Jefferson City, we have seen roofs being replaced far too early in their life cycle because of lack of maintenance.  Roof cleaning is part of regular home maintenance.  It can prolong roof life and protect you from costly water damage from leaks and the expense of a rotting roof structure from neglect.

Roof Cleaning Safety

We always use the safety harnesses and ropes required by OSHA for roof work.  The products we use to treat roof moss and algae can be quite slippery and unsafe for homeowners without the proper safety equipment.

Safety extends to the environment around your home.  We take care to protect your landscaping and vegetation from the cleansing agents we use to clean your roof.  We make sure that your outdoor environment is safe for you, your pets and your property.

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