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Miramar Roof Cleaning Services

Call Bella Pittura at (954) 661-0818 for Miramar roof cleaning services. We clean grime, algae, moss, fungi and mildew off your roof so it looks better, improves your curb appeal and property value, and helps you save on energy costs.

When we finish cleaning your roof, the dirt, mildew, moss, algae and bird evidence will be completely gone. You will be left with a clean finish and improved curb appeal.

Our west Broward roof cleaning company will clean your shingle roof, roof tiles, composite roof or flat roof so it shines. A roof is a huge investment and you should not only get the protection you need, but the longevity you were promised.

A clean roof will last longer because

  • there is no blocked water flow and drainage to gutters and downspouts which can lead to leakage.
  • the algae and moss that feast off your shingles are removed so they can’t do any damage.
  • the potential for roof rot and mold growth is diminished.
  • the chance of costly repairs are lessened.

We clean flat and pitched roofs of all types and shapes.

You have probably noticed black streaks on neighboring roofs. These black streaks aren’t just dirt and debis, the streaks are a form of algae. This algae, gloeocapsa magma, is a specie of algae that feeds on the limestone in shingles. If left alone, these invaders will eat holes in your shingles causing breaches in your roof, sheathing rot and roof leaks.

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Of the many types of roofs in Miramar, FL which include asphalt shingle, clay tile, composite tile, slate and flat, the soft washing process is the preferred method of cleaning roofs by most roofing material manufacturers.

Pressure washing and pressure cleaning are not recommended for most roof types. First of all because there is too much water pressure which can harm the materials. Tiles can break or the granules which protect the asphalt shingles can be blasted right off the roof.

Soft washing uses low water pressure in combination with high water volume and detergents to safely lift off roofing stains and stream them away with normal temperature water.

The detergent formulas we use are commercial grade and are formulated for the exact type of roof stain problem you have. The detergents are applied to your roof and allowed to work into the roof surface until they have lifted the stains or debris.

Our crews then completely rinse off the roof with low pressure/high volume clean water rinse to completely stream off all residue. What’s left is a roof that looks fresh, well cared for and new.

Safety Precautions

Some roof cleaning can be done from the ground for very small roof areas that are not far off the ground. Most roof cleaning requires getting up on the roof and getting close to the areas that need to be cleaned.

We used specialized safety harnesses and the proper equipment to ensure that our crews can work safely and securely on the slippery, soapy surfaces during the cleaning process.

We also protect your landscape and home exterior surfaces while we work. Even though the cleansers we use are environmentally safe, we take extra care to protect your foundation plantings and shrubs.

Unlike some fly-by-night operators we are fully insured. This means you don’t have to worry about homeowner liability as we are covered by our insurer for any accidents or damage that might occur.

Proper Roof Maintenance

After many years in the roof cleaning business, we have found that a lack of proper roof maintenance, including regular cleanings, is the biggest reason for roof problems, especially in low-sloped roofs.

While we are on your roof, we can alert you of situations we find that might impact your roof’s ability to function properly or where leaks may occur.

It is a well-known fact that a roof that is not maintained properly will last about half as long as it should. Roof replacements are expensive. Early roof replacements just waste money.

The alternative to expensive roof replacement is to have your roof cleaned and refreshed so it looks new and performs for the whole of its expected service life.

There are four important reasons why roof cleaning is so vital and not to be put off indefinitely.

  1. A clean roofing system will not prematurely deteriorate.
  2. Keeping a clean roof is required by most manufacturer’s warranties.
  3. A clean roof will protect and extend the life span of your roofing investment.
  4. Roof cleaning will help lower the life cycle cost of your roof.

As much as we might think of a roof as an infallible part of a home, it can be compromised quite easily. Proper roof care will ensure that your roof lasts its longest while providing you the protection you have paid for.

The team at Bella Pittura has been a premier roof cleaning company in Broward for years and has earned a 5-star rating for its exemplary craftsmanship when it comes to roof cleaning. Your roof is in good hands with our experienced crews and we look forward to restoring your home’s beauty and value and its curb appeal. Give us a call today for a complimentary quote for our conscientious and friendly service.