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Roof cleaning is necessary for the health of your shingles and the integrity of your roof. It takes time, energy, and money to re-shingle a roof. After you purchase your shingles, you expect them to last for the number of years that were originally advertised. Despite its 30 year lifespan, an algae-laden roof may only last 15 years!

Why Roof Cleaning is important:

Algae – Algae tends to grow on areas of your roof that are shaded by trees or get less sunlight, typically the north and west sides of your home resulting in dark streaks on your roof. Asphalt shingles are manufactured with a granulated coating that act as a UV shield and protectant for the shingle. These granules also happen to be a favorite food for the Gleocapsa Magma (algae). Roof cleaning removes this harmful layer.

Early decay – Roof algae will consume and dislodge the protective granules of your shingles, leaving the asphalt shingle unprotected and vulnerable to deterioration. This will eventually lead to early roof failure and the need to replace your shingles years before the suggested life of the shingle has been exhausted. Our roof cleaning gently removes the algae that can eat away at your shingles thus making your home vulnerable.

Integrity – The integrity of your shingles is directly related to the integrity of your roof sheathing and ultimately your interior ceiling. No one wants a leaky roof or worse yet mold! Roof cleaning helps to prevent this damage by dealing with it from the beginning source, the health of your shingles.

Not known Details About Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

In these cases, you may need to change those shingles. If the spots are caused by asphalt bleed-through at the end of your shingles’ lifespan, then you are going to require to change those, too. Other indications that you might require your roofing replaced and that it’s not just an algae invasion are: shingles that are cracked, loose, missing out on, misshapen or thin, in addition to extreme collection of mineral granules in your seamless gutters.

Alongside roofing system cleaning, we perform extensive examinations on every roofing system we serve to see if there are any other underlying problems. Why You Want To Eliminate Roofing System Algae As Soon As Possible The algae on your roofing position a lot of possible problems. First off, there’s the unsightliness of it all (roof cleaning near me).

As well as decreasing your own satisfaction of your house’s visual, these marks can decrease the house’s worth. If you’re aiming to offer or lease, potential buyers or renters might think that the spots suggest wet or mold and dislike the house (roof cleaning near me). Much more worrying, however, is the damage these algae can do to the efficiency of your house.

This suggests the longer they stick around, the more they eat at the really material your roofing system is made of. Your shingles will end up being permeable and water will be able to make its way through, leading to a greater danger of leakages, mold, and mildew inside the home.

Algae cover the reflective surface area, allowing your roofing system to feel the complete force of the sun’s heat (remove moss from roof). How do you get rid of the stains on the roofing system?

There is just one method to efficiently and completely tidy the roofing of algae. Online guides may state various methods you can clean your roofing system yourself, however this is generally for more standard maintenance and will not have much result on algae. Clean Windows & Pressure Washing uses techniques based upon the standards offered for the real makers of asphalt roofs.

This can eliminate the aforementioned algae, along with any moss, lichen, or other contaminants that may have discovered their way on your roofing system (pressure wash roof). Why rely on the Soft, Wash Method for Roof Cleansing Despite being one of the most essential protective barriers of the house, your roof is likewise one of the most delicate when it concerns water pressure.

The Best Guide To Roof Cleaning Cost

You don’t have to stress about the effectiveness of the Soft, Wash method, either. The mix of low pressure with expert cleaning agent targeting algae and other pollutants is highly reliable. Despite the fact that it may not appear effective, it is particularly aimed at cleaning up away the best threats to the long-lasting effectiveness and visual worth of your roofing.

Given that there is a proper method to use the biocide this is definitely something you will want to beware with – since you can eliminate your landscaping if you apply the biocide incorrectly and do not track your overspray – roof cleaning company. Likewise, among the worst things an unskilled person can do is to attempt rinsing the roof at high pressure with a pressure washer.

Consult with a local expert in your area about cleaning your roofing system from start to end up in the best manner possible. Can You Avoid Roofing System Algae From Returning in the future? If you reside in an area that is susceptible to the particular kind of algae that have been infesting your roofing, then you are most likely to experience them once again in the future – remove moss from roof.

Nevertheless, that does not indicate that your roofing has to become a home to those unpleasant stains time and time once again. Algae growth on your roofing will begin off little and undetectable. For this factor, it’s a good concept to invest in a roof cleansing consistently, even when you can’t see them yet.

There are other ways of preventing algae from growing on your roofing. As discussed, animals can spread out algae and some animals, like squirrels, can climb up onto your roofing from any neighboring trees.

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Why Should You Hire a Professional Roof Cleaning Company?

Safety – Climbing a ladder is daunting enough. Getting on a wet, steep roof is quite another.
Technique – Roof cleaning is an important thing to the health of your home. But if not done properly it can damage your roof!

Cost – Competitive bids means you don’t have to weigh the DIY costs and hassles.
Time – Your roof can usually be cleaned in one day while you are at work, on vacation or running errands.